Listen to Sallameni (feat. Jigsaw) on streaming platforms.

6 Replies to “Sallameni (feat. Jigsaw)”

  1. Hi bro, i really appreciate your effort on coming up with this ur website.more to come inshallah

  2. The lunching of the website is another remecable achievement in you journey. You skills and music is highly regarded as good look at the way you always compose song and the messages it pass across. My advise to you is, maintain and improve the standard of your music which my prayer one day to be known and recognize in the whole world.

  3. Yeh bro
    Songs dinka ne suke ta trending
    Bamaji su muke ta listening
    Flexing ,chilling harda su outing
    Kahuta abuka kanata blowing
    Lol bro we are proud of you the northerners

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