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46 Replies to “Soyayya Dadi”

    1. I like DJ ab more than he can imagine fada da shi is willing yana so nafito fili but abun daban iyabah shine to nan asiri.&&$$

  1. WOW!!! ❤
    Nice one Dj Abba, couldn’t find much words to deliver my appreciation, but all I know is that this song is worthy listening and it made My night…. More blessings

  2. Dj Abba kenan, randa mutum zai mutu don dadin flows naka, mai za’a kira shi, death or murder. You killed a lot of people without even knowing you do. Give us small small. Kudos to the King

  3. Nice work king in the north….
    The lyrics are just Masha Allah
    Hope say part 2 dey sha.
    Can’t wait to see how this ends.
    All play boys like @djabba.
    These nice lyrics should serve as an advice to y’all( if you ever get a girl who’s willing to give up on everything for you, Hold her tight and never let her go).

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